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Hyggelig hilsen fra Faraja

Thank you Note

Fra Angela, leder på Faraja Children Home

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our visitors from NSP AID for visiting our institution. We had a wonderful time for the two days that we had the two different groups with us. Our children enjoyed spending time and interacting with all the visitors. They presented songs, poems and memory verses to the visitors.

The children were very happy to receive various kinds of gifts from the visitors. These gifts included clothes, shoes, balls, pens, note books, football jerseys and boots among others. The football team was very happy to have received the new sports equipment. Our boys were even more excited after a 4-3 win against the Norway team on Monday 10th. In addition, our girls were taught knitting skills. The visitors also had lunch together with the children in the Malaika dining hall.

We remain grateful for all the support that we have continuously received from the NSP AID. It is through this support that we have been able to give hope to the vulnerable children. The children here are looking forward to your next visit. Thank you so much.

The children having lunch with the visitors

The football team in the New jerseys


The children on sun glasses given by one of the visitor

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